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Wedding Photography

Memories for a Lifetime


What's Included

Professional photography is included in the package if you booked with us or can be added as an a la carte option. This session is typically about an hour and contains approximately 200 edited images. This will cover the ceremony as well as portrait photos, and group and family photos.


If you have a larger event with a large party, we recommend adding additional hours. The online gallery will be delivered to you via email and you will have full rights to all the images. 

Best Time for Photos

The best time of day to shoot a small beach wedding in Miami is shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. This time frame offers soft, warm lighting that enhances the natural beauty of the beach, providing a romantic and ethereal ambiance for wedding photographs. The angle of the sun during this time minimizes harsh shadows and reduces the potential for squinting, ensuring the couple and their guests look their best.


Additionally, the tranquil atmosphere of the early morning or late afternoon often means fewer beachgoers, allowing for more intimate and uninterrupted moments to be captured in the serene setting.

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