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Wedding Vows Renewal on Key Biscayne with Marco & Mara

Updated: Feb 1

A couple celebrating their vow renewal ceremony on Key Biscayne

Marco and Mara traveled to Miami from Italy with their two beautiful twin girls to celebrate their 10th anniversary through a vow renewal on the beach. When we arrived at Crandon Park it was pouring rain. We sat in our cars and waited for the rain to let up, but it was not looking good. We even suggested rescheduling the event, but the groom was adamant about celebrating on this day. So, after about 45 minutes of waiting for the skies to clear, we headed toward the sand, even though it was still drizzling and extremely windy. Thankfully, we have the best luck in waiting out storms because 5 minutes after our toes touched the sand, the rain stopped, the wind subsided, and the skies turned a beautiful blue. Mara and Marco renewed their vows between two palm trees, with their sweet girls watching them. Vow renewals are always so beautiful. While weddings mark the beginning of a new and exciting journey, vow renewals stand as a testament to the strength of a relationship. Here are a few of my favorite images of Marco and Mara's vow renewal. See how to make you vow renewal meaning full in our vow renewal definitive guide.

A groom reading his renewal vows on the beach

A mother with her children at a beach vow renewal in Miami

Husband and wife celebrating their vow renewal on the beach in Miami

A couple on the beach celebrating their vow renewal ceremony in Key Biscayne

A family at the beach after renewing their vows in Miami

A photoshoot of a family after their 10th anniversary on the beach of Miami


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