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Marriage Licenses

Weddings Made Simple


In-Person Marriage Licenses

Getting the marriage license in person is a very quick and easy process and we will assist you from start to finish. Upon booking with Wedding in Miami, we we will send you a pre-application form to fill out with some basic personal information. Once you submit the form, we will make an appointment for you at the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts. On the date of the appointment, you will both need to attend and bring a valid government issued ID. The clerk will have you review the information that you submitted online. If everything looks correct, you will swear and sign the document. If you are non-Florida residents, there is no waiting period between obtaining the license and your actual wedding date. If either one of you are Florida residents, then there is a 3 day waiting period between getting the license and the ceremony. 

Out-of-State Marriage Licenses

If you are flying in for your wedding from out of State and will not be in Florida on a weekday prior to your wedding date, we can provide a marriage license by mail service. This process does have an additional fee of $150.00 in addition to the marriage license fee of $86.00. Within 2 months of your wedding date, we will apply for the license at the Clerk of Courts for you and post mail the marriage application to you to sign in front of a Notary. You will then have to mail the license back to us and we will have it issued by the Clerk of Courts prior to your wedding date. 

This option is great for couples who will not be in Miami during court hours prior to their wedding date. 



If you are a non-U.S. resident getting married in Florida, your home country may need an additional document to recognize your U.S. marriage. Countries part of the Haag Convention require an Apostille. An Apostille is a document issued by the Department of State that will certify the validity of your marriage.


We can file for the Apostille for you. It generally takes 4-6 and will mail the Apostille and marriage license to your home address so that you may register your marriage at your local registration office.


If your country requires a translation, we are able to provide certified translations in German and Spanish. 

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