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Mariage Sans Chichi

It goes without saying that we perform same sex marriages as well.  Love is Love.

You can view all our wedding packages below. We will provide two boutonniere’s for male couples and one bouquet for our female brides with an option of adding a second bouquet. 

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Intimate Beach Wedding


Small beach ceremony in Miami, beachfront wedding venues Miami, destination beach wedding Miami

No Frills Wedding


Miami Beach elopement, Affordable Miami beach wedding

Island Limousine


Destination beach elopement in Miami, Miami Beach wedding officiant

Deluxe Beach Wedding


Intimate Miami beach ceremony,  Small wedding Miami, Miami beach elopement

Penthouse Wedding


sailboat elopement, beach elopement Miami

Luxury SailBoat


*Les taxes gouvernementales et de plage ne sont pas incluses dans nos prix.

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